Whiteboard fast reference

Fast reference for the whiteboard menu items:


Next are the top menu elements and each of the second menu elements.

1. Pencil


  • Pencil: Pencil for free draw.
  • Undo: Undo the last actions.
  • Eraser: Free eraser to erase any part of the drawing.
  • Paper: Change the paper background, available options are, small or big squares, lines and white.
2. Line width

whiteboard This allows to change the line width of the drawing.

3. Shapes


  • Line: Line shape where you select the begin and the end of the line.
  • Square: Square shape where you select the begin and end of the diagonal.
  • Circle: Circle shape where you can select the center and the radius.
4. Color

whiteboard Nine different colours are available.

5. Tools


  • Laser pointer: This a real-time laser pointer tool, each guest have a different colour.
  • Text: Allows you to write texts.
  • Board Capture: Create and download an image capture of the current state of the whiteboard.
  • Disable pencil: This disables the action of the pencil, mostly useful for touch devices when not using a mouse.
  • Clear Board: Clear everything in the whiteboard.
6. Chat

Real-time text chat.

7. Assets management


  • Upload images: Opens the images manager to upload images or add images to the whiteboard.
  • Clear images: Delete all the images from the whiteboard.
8. Invite: Opens a dialog with the URL of the whiteboard, which you can send to your guests.


9. Close whiteboard

Exit the whiteboard.

10. Connected users list

List of the currently connected users to the whiteboard highlighting current active user.